Joe Jonas

Santa brought me…

I forgot to mention in my previous post what Santa brought me… A new guitar!

My Girlfriend, or Santa, got me the 2014 Les Paul Classic. I had been looking at it for a while and my guitar at the time was old, battered and just not looking and feeling all that well. It still sounded great but turning up to a gig was a little embarrassing to say the least, never mind trying to teach students with it!

I have owned a lot of guitars in my time but I have never owned a guitar that felt so good to play, it sounds beautiful. I still don’t have the guts to take it to a gig yet… Although I do plan on playing it this weekend in a charity gig.

Thanks Santa :)

2015 and Learning Guitar

As like many I have decided 2015 is the year I try out a few different things. As I have previously mentioned I am a lead guitarist for a rock band, but my guitar playing could be better. So I decided to get some guitar training.

Because I done so well with the drum lessons I under took I decided to get some online guitar lessons. I started the lessons at the start of December when I started finishing up with work for the holidays. Up to now the lessons and training has been great. There were a few bad habits I had picked up without realizing which were making some songs more difficult that they should have been.

The lessons sorted my guitar technique out and has helped me overcome some of the more advanced songs I had been struggling with.

Now when I have a guitar student I recommend them going off and getting some supplementary online lessons in order to progress quicker. I still feel that having lesson with an experienced guitarist is best but online lessons do help you progress between lessons without the student being overwhelmed and giving up quicker.

For those guitar teachers. Usually out of 10 new students I would usually find that 4 would give up within a month. I have started recommending at lesson one that online lessons would help and if they can prove they have online lessons and are progressing OK I will give them a FREE lesson. Since introducing this I have yet to have a new student stop lessons. It actually means I now have a full calendar of lessons and can now support my self by teaching guitar without constantly having to advertise in news papers.

Even though its only the 8th of Jan 2015 I can already feel that these guitar lessons will change my life just by giving me the idea to change how I interact with my students.


Music, Drumming and Guitars

For years I have been playing musical instruments, it all started with singing then onto the guitar and now I am teaching myself how to play the drums; well when I say I am teaching myself I have a friend that teaches me mixed with some online lessons. I actually teach guitar to a few students as well as being the lead singer and guitarist for a 4 piece rock band, so when it comes to learning the drums I know roughly what I need to be learning and what I should practice.

Anyway… This blog is going to literally be my brain dump of my musical thoughts, I will try to dump out my thoughts as much as I can but band, students and my job do take priority! :-)

Learning to play the drumsI am about half way through an update about how I am learning drums. It has become apparent when students ask me about playing the guitar that I have similar questions to my drum playing friend who answers the same way I would answer for the guitar! This update is about a week away but in the mean time if you are looking to learn the drums I would suggest having a look at some YouTube videos showing you the correct technique on holding sticks and how to actually sit at the drum kit – both of these are VERY important factors when you are looking to play more advanced rhythms.

Another option you have, which I actually use is to buy some drum lessons online. These come in the form of videos and courses that take you from the basics all the way up-to the more advanced techniques; so eventually you will be able to paradiddle your little heart out. I am going to cover the online drum lessons that I actually use, but you can read more about the online drum lessons at Drummer Source.

If you are lucky I might even show you some awesome guitar lessons in a few weeks ;-)