Joe Jonas

Music, Drumming and Guitars

For years I have been playing musical instruments, it all started with singing then onto the guitar and now I am teaching myself how to play the drums; well when I say I am teaching myself I have a friend that teaches me mixed with some online lessons. I actually teach guitar to a few students as well as being the lead singer and guitarist for a 4 piece rock band, so when it comes to learning the drums I know roughly what I need to be learning and what I should practice.

Anyway… This blog is going to literally be my brain dump of my musical thoughts, I will try to dump out my thoughts as much as I can but band, students and my job do take priority! :-)

Learning to play the drumsI am about half way through an update about how I am learning drums. It has become apparent when students ask me about playing theĀ guitar that I have similar questions to my drum playing friend who answers the same way I would answer for the guitar! This update is about a week away but in the mean time if you are looking to learn the drums I would suggest having a look at some YouTube videos showing you the correct technique on holding sticks and how to actually sit at the drum kit – both of these are VERY important factors when you are looking to play more advanced rhythms.

Another option you have, which I actually use is to buy some drum lessons online. These come in the form of videos and courses that take you from the basics all the way up-to the more advanced techniques; so eventually you will be able to paradiddle your little heart out. I am going to cover the online drum lessons that I actually use, but you can read more about the online drum lessons at Drummer Source.

If you are lucky I might even show you some awesome guitar lessons in a few weeks ;-)